18 September 2009




Carlos, 1 year without you, 1 year with you

A 1 hour and 16 minutes documentary about the intense year of fight after the murder of the antfascist comrade Carlos Palomino in Madrid. 11/11/2007 

There are wounds that even time can’t close, as the one opened in our hearts when our brother, friend and comrade Carlos, when going to fight against racism, was killed by a neo-Nazi military.

Something inside us died that day. But also a strong feeling of endless reassurance to fight against fascism and injustice was born. Antifascism in Madrid is since then more united and organized than ever. Antifascist groups have honored every day 11 by attacking the sites, the symbols and the accomplices whos hands were stained with the brave blood of Carlos.

Carlos, we promise you we wont stop fighting until the last breath, and your smiling face will contemplate how Madrid is and will be the tomb of fascism.


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Let's Fight White Pride

Good Night White Pride

uno di noi / one of us-ein antifaschistisches graffiti in Bochum


(en) In December 2008, we created an anti-fascist mural in Bochum, to commemorate those seven anti-fascists from different european countries, who had been killed by neo-nazis during the last years.
After we photographed the whole process of production, we brought those and several other materials together and made a documentary of it, about the mural and the background of the seven murdered antifas. Beside we traveled to italy and spain to make interviews with relatives of the murdered antifas. Furthermore, we produced a rap for Thomas Schulz, who got killed in our neighbor town Dortmund in 2005.
The title of the movie is „uno di noi“ - „one of us“.
During the last months we organized public viewings all over the republic, to call the viewers for a direct discussion about the issues
of the movie.
Now we made a blog for you, where you will find the movie to view, and several texts and photo collections, and, of course, you have the chance to give some feedback on the issue.
Friends of us have translated the movie into castilian, italian, english, french and russian, though you can view the film in your
suitable language.

We want to advertise this website in anti-fascist and left-wing networks as far as we can.

The guestbook on this website is intended to have some space for an international and multi-lingual exchange and discussion.
For all of us, for every anti-fascist from Irkusk, from the Lower East Side, Athens, the banlieu of Paris, Bilbao, Utrecht, Herne II, Padua or Belfast – this internationally drawn up mural gives us the possibility to get into duscussion concerning the problems of our time. And eventually to get in contact and to make up new networks.
The intention of our movie is, to show up our needs and chances for discussion, connection, cooperation and integration.
The movie ought to call for solidarity and to spread solidarity at the same time.

Hoping, you're seeing it similar,

Polit-Cafe Azzoncao
Antifaschistische Jugend Bochum (AJB)
(August 2009)

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